Business Concept and Service

We provide six different flavors of soup stock accompanied by all kinds of seafood, ingredients, and platinum US beef that is shaved upon your order. Different from the traditional all-you-can-eat restaurant, we adopt the way of “all-you-can-order” to avoid the waste of food. In addition, you don’t need to bother to take the ingredients by yourselves. We also have the open kitchen so that you can see the making of the food without worrying about the problem of food safety.

Exclusive Honor

Unlike other restaurants which claim to offer “Angus Beef” or “Premium Beef” but dares not show the quality grade marks or which mostly offer restructured meat, Mantanghung is the only spicy two-flavor hot pot restaurant in Taiwan that secures the certificate of platinum US beef issued by American Meat Institute (AMI) every year. The meat quality is guaranteed. All the beef we offer is of the quality grade of US Choice or above. In 2014, we also offer steak of US Prime. We are modeled on the high-end steak houses and hotels with the high-class ingredients and tastes.
All the beef is imported from the US in the sealed original package without any artificial process. The brands are all the major meat suppliers in the US market.

US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) Platinum US Beef Certification

    What is American Meat Institute’s “platinum US Beef” Certification?
    To secure the “Platinum US Beef Certification,” an establishment should meet the three following requirements.
  1. The federation will send a representative to make an assessment of the store to check on several items such as whether the beef is legally imported, the meat grades, and sanitation.
  2. The meat offered by the store should be Prime or Choice.
  3. The meat grades and product names of the US beef should be clearly marked on the menu. In addition, the US beef should account for at least 50% of all the beef products.
    Certification could be completed if the three requirements are all met. The restaurants which secure the platinum beef certification are all the top ones in the catering industry in Taipei, for example, Sherwood Taipei, the Victoria, Danny’s Steakhouse, and Palais de Chine. Due to the strict requirements, the certificated restaurants are all large-scale ones in high standards.

Comfortable and Unique Decoration

Mantanghung is the first spicy hot spot all-you-can-eat restaurant with the top decoration and comfortable seats. We are different from the traditional hot pot restaurants where the customers have to take what they need by themselves and the environment is therefore quite messy. There are 18 dressings provided at our dressing table, which is also unique at our restaurant.